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Thank you for finding my website!

This website will soon be renewed.
(hopefully lol)

I had to take a break for a while
because of some mishaps of my life.

The good news is, I'm recovering now
and i will slowly restore my creative activity.

I am sincerely thankful for those
who's been worried about me
and watching me throughout my tough time.

Your love is my reason to live.

Thank you all and I love you all!

Please feel free to folllow my twitter:


I tweet in both English and Japanese.
Category: Information
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The 4th album of KAZAHA
"Systematic Civilized Society"

Track List
01 : Systematic Civilized Society
02 : Chakushin Escape
03 : Better Keep Quiet
05 : Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability
06 : Mechanical Goodbye

Click here to listen
to sample music!

(downloads a crossfade mp3 file)

You can listen to
beta version of some songs
at my my space site.

Please click here!

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